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Local Rules

THMGC Local Rules for 2022

Out of Bounds - Homeowner Fences, maintenance yard walls, driving range , and public

roads define the course boundary. A ball which crosses a public road and comes to rest

beyond that road is out of bounds even if it comes to rest on another part of the course.

Red Penalty Areas - all water ponds and concrete water channels. The Acacia Bushes in

the vicinity of the water at the corner of the dog leg on Hole 5 as well as the Acacia

Bushes around the water on Hole 13 are Red Penalty Areas.

In the absence of painted Red Lines, the margin of the Red Penalty Area extends from the

fairway edge of the concrete channel to either the Homeowner Fences on Hole 7. the

Street on Hole 8, or the Boundary Wall on Hole 11.

NOTE: The embedded Cinder Blocks on Hole 7 are part of the Red Penalty Area. No

Free Relief.

The Local Rule allowing player's to use the Opposite Margin Equidistant Option is in


Immovable Obstructions - all concrete water housings, block or rock retaining walls and

power poles. Determine nearest point of relief, no nearer the hole, and drop within the

relief area. No Penalty

Sprinkler Heads - if the sprinkler head and ball are in a closely mown area around the

green, the player make take line of play relief from the immovable obstruction if the

sprinkler head is within two club lengths of the green and the ball is within two club

lengths of the sprinkler head. Determine the nearest point of relief and drop in the 

General Area within one club length.

The ball must not be dropped on the putting green or roll onto the putting green

Power Lines - a ball which strikes a elevated power line MUST be replayed. No Penalty

French Drains - Containing gravel or not, drop the ball within the relief area no nearer the

hole. No Penalty.